Laurens Bekaert

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Laurens graduated from DAE in 2009 as the best of his class. 


During his second year, he already knew where he wanted to work. His current employer, GRID VFX, came to visit the school during his second year, he sent in his CV and already before his internship, he was working there during weekend and holidays.


Currently he is VFX supervisor/Head of VFX Department at GRID VFX. He has been working on many projects like Knack, for example, one of the two flagship exclusive launch titles for PS4.


He was also the VFX supervisor on ‘In Flanders Fields’ a Flemish serie about World War 1. He worked on feature films like: Code 37, the Misfortunates (de helaasheid der dingen), Noordzee Texas. The childrens movies of K3 (girl band), Mega Mindy and Plop.


He’s currently working on a family movie, based on the book Wiplala by Annie M.G. Smith. Looking forward to seeing it in the theatres!




Making Of: In Flanders Fields from Grid bvba on Vimeo.