Independent Game Production

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PLEASE NOTE: the major Independent Game Production is currently only offered in Dutch.
If you are looking to study in English, we refer you to our other 3 study majors, Game Development, Game Graphics Production or 3D Production & Visual Effects, which are offered fully in English as well as in Dutch.


Once upon a time games were just that: games. Nowadays the game industry is serious business, a multi-billion-dollar market. As an independent game producer, you are an enabler and an entrepreneur that looks at games and the technology that goes with it in way that allows you to see the many opportunities that come with this market.


If your passion is building games or using game technology to create new experiences, Independent Game Production will teach you the broad skillset required to envision and execute your dreams. Unlike traditional game studio employees, you don't specialise in one single discipline, but you require a broad knowledge of all areas in the production.


You will have to come up with unique, compelling and innovative product ideas. We will prepare you to bring these ideas to fulfilment, whether these ideas are a new interesting game concept or a way of using your knowledge to build bridges between different industries.


On the one hand, your knowledge of 2D and 3D skills and knowledge of UX and UI, will allow you to create a style, setting and mood for any casual game or applied game. On the other hand, your strong programming skills will enable you to program games for any platform, be it mobile and pc or newly emerging platforms like VR or wearables. Whenever needed you will choose the fastest path to execution and your knowledge will help you choose the right approach depending on the requirement.


Monetisation, business models, project management, communication skills… are topics that will be covered to enable you to make better and more profitable productions or coordinate them. On top of that, you will be guided through the different steps of setting up your own company. 


Innovation and valorisation will always be at the forefront of your mind. Depending on your preferences you will end up in a supporting role for the AAA game industry or as forefront runner using game technology in your local market. If that last option sounds hard to achieve, we even give you to possibility to start-up your own company in our incubator during the last semester of your studies.







PLEASE BE ADVISED: The overview below describes the curriculum as it will unfold for new first year enrollments in the current academic year. Students who were already enrolled previous academic year may have a different curriculum layout which does not contain some of the changes below.


 ATTENTION - all courses in the major Independent Game Production are offered in Dutch only.