Independent Game Production

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Making games is not a game but serious business. Independent Game Production takes you through the full production of a game.


During your training it introduces you to the game engine within which you bring a world to life. You learn also the ins and outs of the content creation tools that you design them with. We focus on the knowledge needed to take the lead in the development of new projects.

Supplemented with a solid portion of game design knowledge and the world of the gaming entrepreneurship, you will be provided with the necessary knowledge to make your own game to develop within a pipeline that is suitable for smaller productions.


You'll come across, among other things, in contact with the world of applied and serious gaming so that your chances of employment are not limited to the game industry. As an IGP employee you are an added value for any company that is involved with gamification, VR, AR and innovation. Motivated and enterprising students also get a chance to get into our incubation story and take their first steps there in the direction of a private studio.


Future job opportunities: game designer, indie game developer, applied game developer, mobile/ casual game developer, 2D/3D designer, ...








PLEASE BE ADVISED: The overview below describes the curriculum as it will unfold for new first year enrollments in the current academic year. Students who were already enrolled previous academic year may have a different curriculum layout which does not contain some of the changes below.