Procedural textile generation

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For a renown Belgian carpet textile manufacturer, we created a workflow for procedurally generating a photo-realistic carpet. We used Houdini, an innovative software package mainly used in the VFX industry to procedurally render and create 3D content, for example special effects in movies. Houdini allows a technical game artist to predefine how the content should look and act by means of scripts and algorithms. This allows great flexibility in rendering a variation of similar but unique visuals of 3D objects.

In this challenging project that means a carpet is rendered purely by succesively implementing the features of just one hair, the general interaction of neighbouring hairs and their interaction with the environment. Adjusting a single one of those features reshapes the whole carpet, making it a tremendously versatile tool.

For companies this brings the power to quickly and cheaply create a series of realistic 3D visualisations of (new) products in the very early design phase.


Status: project finished


Partner: Renown Belgian carpet textile manufacturer