Game Mechanics

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In this course we’ll apply our experiences from Prototyping to actual video games. In order to quickly make prototypes, we need to get familiar with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. Careful consideration is given to the game design and prototyping process. Things such as player feedback and learning curve are just as important as writing the code itself. Students are required to playtest each other's games and learn how to provide feedback in a constructive manner.

In Unreal Engine4, we'll tackle how to use the visual scripting language called Blueprint. We'll go over all the necessary nodes and cover the required tips and tricks for bringing a larger project to a good conclusion.

In Unity, we’ll dive into the prefab system. We’ll introduce the Unity Scripting API and make use of C# to create some basic functionally.

We will use both engines to create a finished prototype or interactive application.

Technology used: Unreal Engine 4, Unity.


LevelScripting2015 DeryckereDries from DAE on Vimeo.