Game Release: Fractured horizon

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In the final year course 'Group Projects', students from diverse majors and backgrounds come together in teams of five to six to design and develop a game over the span of 11 weeks.  

The objective extends beyond merely crafting an impressive game; it also aims to develop soft skills, encourage teamwork, and improve career-essential abilities. Students turn into SCRUM masters, boost their communication, planning, and adaptability to tackle project challenges. 


A group of final year DAE students created Fractured Horizon, an adrenaline-fueled 3D platforming game, where the player uses Gravity Fields to navigate through a shattered world. Your goal as a player is to beat your time and reach the temple. 


Race against time, challenge your skills, and unveil ancient secrets as you leap, run, and solve puzzles in this breathtaking first-person platformer. Seamlessly traverse the fractured landscape as you leap between platforms. Use and manipulate gravity fields. Bend the law of physics to your advantage. Overcome obstacles that stand between you and the secrets of this fractured world.  


 It is available to download here:


Student work by: Hugo Colauto | Simon Schaep | Lara D’Adda | Amber Perard | Rune van der Lei | Michalina Gasienica-Laskowy | Flore Delvaux