Course overview

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DAE is a three-year full-time Bachelor degree programme designed by and developed for creative, ambitious, passionate and exceptional individuals, ready to push the limits of tomorrow’s interactive or pre-rendered 3D.

Our curriculum consists of 180 ECTS-points in a 3-year structure. In our current curriculum, from 2020-21 onwards, there are 6 majors to choose from :


Your choice of major depends on the kind of job and industry you want to end up in.


The 5th semester can be substituted by a study semester abroad at one of our partner institutions.

All the majors are taught in Dutch or in English.


Browsing through the website:

Want to find out more about specific courses? Then click on the building blocks above and click on the course titles in the curriculum of each major.

Since we have updated our curriculum recently we are currently updating the website. Some of the courses are not yet clickable, but we are working on that.


BE ADVISED: The curriculum is prone to revisions and may be subject to change. The (minor) course modifications that will be implemented in academic year 2023-2024 are not yet included in the course overview below. A course update will take place sometime before April.