Laurens Corijn

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As a student Laurens had no professional boundaries and excelled in almost every discipline. During his internship at Ex-Dream he worked as environment and technical artist on their title "Fireburst".


After his internship, Laurens joined the DAE forces. Besides teaching basic and advanced 3D courses, he also designed and taught Unreal engine focused courses.


Laurens might be most well-known for his Eat3D DVD’s on next-gen vehicle modeling, going from blockout model to in-engine implementation. Be sure to check them out at, also his tutorial about the making of a hotrod and of course for his Xoluil Viewport shader he developed with Robbert-Jan Brems.


He left DAE to work as a technical artist at Splash Damage. At Splash Damage he worked on a variety of different areas, including modeling, texturing, scripting, maintaining the pipeline...


After one and a half year he moved from the UK to Sweden and joined DICE where he worked as a technical artist.


Later he joined the Adobe Substance3D team as a Consultant / Technical Artist.