Disney tribute by Leslie Van Den Broeck

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The very talented Leslie Van Den Broeck stunned the Zbrush community by creating a Disney character every single day. He was awarded a spot in the Zbrush gallery, ofcourse. 


You can view his creations in the Zbrush Central forums. Also take a look at his portfolio website www.leslieVDB.com where you can view some other delicious art by Leslie. 


Leslie is currently working at Larian Studios, a Belgium game company, best know for the game Divine Devinity. Leslie and the team at Larian are currently working on a new game called Dragon Commander. 

Leslie Van Den Broeck is also featured in the E-book "Vertex 2". It features a tutorial on how he creates stylized characters in Zbrush. Starting from a sphere he blocks out the basic form first. Next he talsk about how to add volume and refine the shape before going to the details.


Vertex 2 is available for free at artbypapercut.