Jan Bultheel talks about his movie Cafard at DAE

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This week we had the pleasure of having director Jan Bultheel and some of his crew, DAE alumni, visiting us, to talk about his new movie Cafard.


Jan Bultheel is a very renowned animator.Founder of one of the top three production companies in Belgium at the time: ’ Pix&Motion’.

Later on he founded ‘ Filmwerken’ and ‘ Tondo-films’. Jan is not only an animator. He is also an dedicated scriptwriter, director and creator of productions like  the animated TV-series: ‘Hareport’, animationfilm  ‘Ricky & Ronny & 100Stars’ for the Needcompany, many many commercials, shorts...and lately the feature animation movie: ‘Cafard’.


‘Cafard’ tells the story about a man during the first world war, who seeks revenge for his raped daughter. This storyline is embedded in a true historical event that is not very well-known among the common people. The story of the elite force ACM, the first armoured cars section of the Belgian army and the world tour they ‘ve gotten themselves into. ‘Cafard’ turns out to be a fascinating , moving, intriguing animation movie, fully recorded with motion capture.


Jan uses a very particular, atypical graphical style which makes the movie extra fascinating.


Alumni Elien Kellens (3D Animator), Peter-Paul Milkain (3D Artist) Jason Voet (3D Generalist), Xander Clerckx (3D Animator) helped on making this movie.



CAFARD trailer ENG from TONDO FILMS on Vimeo.