Internship Fair 2015

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This academic year, more than 65 senior DAE students will be spending their final semester on an internship in a wide range of 3D, games, VFX and other companies in Belgium or abroad. They’ll be working there as tool programmers, shader, engine or gameplay programmers, level designers, game designers, technical artists, concept artists, 3D character artists, 3D animators, environmental artists, VFX artists and much more.


Last Friday, 23 October, we organised our annual Internship Fair here at The Level, and no less than 23 companies signed up, coming mainly from Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the UK.


They presented their current projects and internship offers to our students, interviewed internship candidates and gave feedback on students’ portfolios. A large number of 1st- and 2nd-year students got the chance to attend as well, and for our staff there were many happy reunions with industry colleagues, alumni and old friends.

 Many thanks for being there to the folks at Around Media (BE), Black Forest Games (DE), bump (BE), Cartamundi Digital (BE), Codeglue (NL), Cyborn (BE), DAE Research (BE), DAE Studios (BE), Die Keure (BE), Glowfish Interactive (BE), Graphine (BE), Grid VFX (BE), Guerrilla Cambridge (UK), Hoaxland (BE), Larian Studios (BE), Neopica (BE), Pajama Llama Games (BE), Triangle Factory (BE), Triumph Studios (NL), Twikit (BE), Vanguard Games (NL), Walking the dog (BE). See you next year!