Game Art Pipeline: First 3D object for Unreal

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Having learned physically based rendering and normal map fundamentals 2nd year students following the Game Art Pipeline course had to make their first 3D game object for Unreal engine 4.


These are the results:

PBR ECS Case by on Sketchfab

Pbr Gator case by Sander.Vander.Meiren on Sketchfab

Weapon Case by gaetanthibaut on Sketchfab

PBR_Gas_Can by Simon Van Daele on Sketchfab

PBR Gastank by cgiuliano on Sketchfab

PBR Roadcase by ThomasKole on Sketchfab

PBR Case by Jonathan Steyfkens on Sketchfab

HILTI case by Szabolcs Csizmadia on Sketchfab

Marshall Ms2 Mini Amp by Jens Patteeuw on Sketchfab

PeliCase by dDissAa on Sketchfab