Graduation Work by Bram Nicaise: Vast Worlds in UE4

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For his graduation work Bram Nicaise got the assignment to create a tool to easily design vast, interesting and detailed worlds in the unreal engine 4.  After looking into the different possibilities Bram decided on using blueprints and splines to create a tool that generates procedural geometry. 


When drawing a spline, the tool generates geometry on that spline. With parameters you are able to adjust the position, rotation, scale of the geometry as well as the distance between the generated geometry (like the space between houses). Bram also included spline corner detection so you can put a specific type of geometry there (like a house on a corner).


After the tool was finished the goal was to create a couple of different looking worlds. Bram succeeded in doing just that !

A very cool technical project with an appealing outcome ! Congratulations Bram.


Take a look at his presentation:



DAE2015-16_GradWork_Bram_Nicaise from DAE on Vimeo.

Update: The work of Bramhas been featured in the offical Unreal Engine Student trailer, together with 2 other DAE students (Thomas Van Nuffel and Nicolas Pirot)