Laura Loossens animated on Robinson Crusoe

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Alumna and ex-DAE lecturer Laura Loossens worked on the movie Robinson Crusoe as an animator at nWave Pictures

She animated on the main character (!), the parrot and some other animal characters. In total 5 minutes of the film.

The quota was about 30 frames per day but that could vary from shot to shot.


Laura used to teach character rigging in Maya at DAE before she got the opportunity to work at nWave on Robinson Crusoe.

Check out more of Laura's work here. Laura is now going to take on a new challenge and she is heading to Paris to work for Illumination MacGuff, known for their work on Despicible Me 1 and 2 and Minions.



 Elien Kellens, another alumnus, also worked on the project for a month but is now working on a new move at nWave.



In the trailer you can see one of the shots Laura worked on. Laura animated Robinson falling in the barrel.