Alumni release Nerdy Bird 3D

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Alumni Brian Cox and Dirk Driehuijzen aka the Fabulous Boys, released Nerdy BIrd 3D, a fun, addictive and highly challenging game offering a real test of skills. 

Unlike other games there is no way to pay-to-win in this game, it all comes down to you. Are you up for the challenge?


This game is their pilot game. They see it as an excellent preparation for the release of their next big project. Thanks to Nerdy Bird they got acquainted with the publishing process and got a broader fan base. 

Smart thinking guys and success with the launch of your next project!!


Game Features:

- 3D graphics: 3D models rendered to 2D images for great visuals and optimal performance.

- Google Play Achievements: Earn achievements while you progress and master the game.

- Google Play Leaderboards: Climb the leaderboard and compare your score with your friends and the rest of the world!


- Tap the screen to flap your wings and fly up.


Pro Tips:

- Do not fly into any trees or crash into the ground!


Get it at the appstore.