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UNWRAP brings together professionals in the game, music, film and media industry for the 3rd time in a row on October 12 and 13! 

  • The Digital Entertainment Conference showcases the latest trends in games, music, film, media and -moreover- the untapped potential of their crossovers.
  • Our Career Fair connects job seekers with companies on the look-out for skills and talent.
  • Forge awesome collaborations during multiple networking events.
  • Unwind at the afterparties and concerts. 

5 Tracks at UNWRAP

  • A Music Tech Track exploring the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow’s music industry.
  • An AI Track covering how AI empowers creativity through a showcase of innovative use cases.
  • A Game 4 Thought Track navigating the complex ethical implications in the entertainment industry.
  • The Flanders Game Hub Track focuses on the future of gaming experiences with industry insights and trends.
  • The Web3 Track dives into the world of Web3 Games.


Each Track will be represented by a curator accompanied by inspiring and experienced speakers from various backgrounds, who will draw you completely into their story.


On top of that you can attend small scale round tables and masterclasses about sculpting, character art, producing and concept art.

UNWRAP schedule is live

This will make your decision easier (or more difficult) to plan which topics you want to follow and where they will be held.


The schedule is packed with inspiring speakers from various leading companies, our well-known career fair and afterparties that provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to unwind, socialize and build meaningful relationships.


Convinced that this is a must attend event if you’re active in the entertainment industry?

Check out the prgram! https://www.unwrap.be/industry-days/program 


The UNWRAP Career Fair is the dating place for highly skilled talent and companies on the lookout for employees & interns. 


Over 200 of our (international) students across six disciplines will be ready for their internship in the second semester, primed with skills in programming, art, sound design, tech artistry, animation, and more. Once again, our Career Fair presents an invaluable opportunity for you to scout for multifaceted talent. The Career Fair will occur during the two days of the Unwrap Festival, between 9am and 1pm. 

However, the UNWRAP experience doesn’t stop at 1pm as you can join the conference, networking and afterparties in the afternoon. Companies can order their career fair booth here: https://www.unwrap.be/industry-days/booth



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Your ticket gives you access to the conference, career fair and afterparties & networking opportunities.