Animation 1 2023-24

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During the first semester our students of Animation 1 created their first animations. The goal was to feel comfortable with the basics of animation. They achieved this goal by creating several brief animations. 


In Animation 1 the students learn the first steps of animation with the “12 principles of Animation”. More precisely, explore, practice, train, experience, repeat... the principles such as squash and stretch, anticipation, staging, straight ahead action and pose to pose, follow through and overlapping action, arcs, secondary action, timing, exaggeration, and so on, …

Their first exercise was to animate a ball bouncing. They learned to squash and stretch in animation and use visible overlap. The second exercise was to animate an arm grabbing a cup from underneath a table. In the third exercise, the students had to make a person make a pose and then change it to another pose. This was the start of learning to animate the full human body. The next exercise was to create a walk animation. Topping off, the students had to make an animation of a fashion week walkway walk. The character had to walk on, to, and down the runway, strike a pose, and walk back. The students had to incorporate one item in this walk that their character is holding or wearing. 

Student work by: Gekko Charneux | Romy Charter | Elias Crombez | Fausto Debaere | Joren DeBraeckeleer | Dayron Desmet | Greta Lucchini-Gilera | Sofia Mongini | Alexander Nastasia | Astrid Shulzhuk | Alexander Vakarelov | Jirte Vanhoenacker | Jolien Vansteenkiste | Stan Verhoeven | Nyx Wouters