Graphics Programming 2

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Graphics programming is a specific field in game development where you learn to set up the communication between CPU (called the host in graphics programming) and the GPU (typically referred to as device). Writing a shader for example requires you to synchronize the properties of a 3D object with the setup on the graphics card, which is not a trivial exercise with the latest graphic API’s such as DirectX12 or Vulkan.

In Graphics Programming 2, we take the foundational skills from Graphics Programming 1 to the next level. Our students learn to improve their skills in Vulkan, shader, and physics programming. By the end of the course, students should be able to work with any graphical 3D API and Physics engine in the industry.  

The simplified game engine we use provides our students with a deep insight into the design principles behind both commercial and open-source game engines. This foundation allows them to swiftly adapt to and proficiently use various other game engines. Additionally, students will utilize Microsoft Visual Studio throughout the course to enhance their practical skills. 


In Graphics Programming 2 our students undertake a challenging yet rewarding project where they create a 3D game, drawing inspiration from genres like platformers, twin-stick shooters, or strategy/puzzle/simulation, using a simplified game engine. This project not only tests their ability to meet rigorous requirements but also allows them to express their creativity and attention to detail. 


Our students created a variety of games for this assessment. The first game showcased is a remake of the game Overcooked made by Floris Leirs. It is a chaotic co-op cooking game where the player needs to serve meals to customers on time.

The second game is a remake of the racing game Overdrive made by Jef Belmans. It is a game where you race over a track and try to complete a lap as fast as possible. 

The third game is a remake made by Sander DeKeukelaere of the legendary game, Minecraft. It is a game where you can go on adventures and build whatever you want. It is a simple game, yet you can put your creativity into it.

Last but not least, there is a remake of the game AER made by Ilkka Takala. It is an adventure game where the player can transform into a bird to fly to multiple islands in the sky. 

Student work made by:


Floris Leirs

Jef Belmans

Sander DeKeukelaere

Ilkka Takala