Students working on Age Of Wonders 3

Age Of Wonders 3 has been released for PC and is doing very well ! On steam it received a score of 81. The game is made by Triumph Studios located in Delft, the Netherlands. 


Over the past two years a lot of DAE students have been working on that game. Last year the interns at Triumph Studios were Oskar Kuijken, Hendrik Coppens, Joachim Coppens and Brian Cox, this year Pieter Vantorre, Emiel De Paepe, Yannick Segers and Marcia Van Bel are working there.


Great job guys !

Oskar Kuijken - 3D Creature Artist:

5 Dragons

7 Wyverns

4 Elementals

Spiders and Serpents

The Beholder

The Eldritch Horror

The Kraken

Visuals & Dev journal


Joachim Coppens - Environment Artist:

2 cities (dwarf + goblin city)

5 units (imperator units)

10 structures vegetation & decoration

art support

particle effects





Hendrik Coppens - Character Artist:

Humanoid units

Assistance on Hero customizer

Draconian Hero customizer

Giant Units, Archdruid Shaman and hunter
Ancestral Spirit, Sorcerere Apprentice
Phantasm Warrior, Orc Shock Trooper, Wraith

Visuals & Dev journal


Brian Cox - UI / Gameplay Programmer:

UI implementation

Gameplay & UI Bug fixing

Code Optimizations

CityName manager

UI manager

Dynamic Quest system

Statististics visualization

Quest system automatization

Visuals: 1 & 2  and Dev Journal


Marcia Van Bel - Currently intern

(Level) design










Yannick Segers- Currently intern

Gameplay programmer

Keybinding system

Various shortcut implementations

Gameplay & UI bug fixes

Forum support