Game Art 1

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In this course you will learn to create 2d and 3d assets for games within a defined style.

The focal point will be on modular creation and creating a complete scene in your own style. 
The objective of this course is to be able to create content in a certain style for a game. 
Next to that you will learn the technical side to achieve this in a professional way. 
The end goal of this course is that you are able to create an interesting scene within a style and a professional technical level.

Description of content:

  • Creating 3d style reference props through all the development steps, from sketch to final 3d model.
  • Modular asset creation
  • Creating handpainted textures
  • Working with scene composition
  • Using an art guide, reference material and moodboards

Technology used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop