Game Projects 2

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Game Projects 2 is the place where programming and 3D come together. In teams of 4 to 6 people, we create awesome games.


It all starts with an idea - or to be more specific, two ideas. For each idea, a prototype is built. A prototype is a simple test of the game play mechanics.


This stage includes only primitives (boxes) as graphics and is used to determine if the concept is actually fun to play. At the end of the prototype, on idea is chosen and a development plan is made. We develop using sprints of a couple of weeks.


At the end of each sprint, we need to achieve a certain goal – a vertical slice of the game has to be finished.


At the end of Integration Projects 3, we end up with a fully finished and playable game.

  • The the following items will also be covered:
  • Team work
  • Planning
  • Version control
  • Scrum

At the end of Game Projects 2, you will have gone through the entire production process and end up with an awesome game on your portfolio!


Technology used: Unity 3D, XNA, Unreal Engine, CryEngine



GameProject2 AreWeThereYeti by ThomasGekiere from DAE on Vimeo.

Team 02 BattleBotBrawlers from DAE on Vimeo.

Team 04 FoodFights from DAE on Vimeo.

Sky Soldiers from DAE.

Athmos Trailer from Jonas De Breucker.

Execute Final Trailer from DAE.

TideRunner Trailer from DAE.