Immersive Training

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The Immersive Training project is a collaboration between the bachelor programs Media School and Applied Psychology from Thomas More and DAE-Research. This applied research project will further explore the use of immersive technologies in training and education, translate this knowledge and make it available to a broad target group of SME’s and organizations. 

The target group consists of companies from various sectors that want to offer new forms of training to their staff, third parties, sector organizations and participating colleges. 
Status: Vlaio TETRA Project, 2 years, start October 2018





In this project we created a VR training application about mixed case palletizing. The trainee learns to correctly and efficiently stack boxes of various sizes. We study the effectiveness of two different ways of building up the level of difficulty in the training. In one version, the training will gradually become more difficult after the tutorial. In the second version, the trainee will not increase in difficulty but instead start at the most difficult level after the tutorial. The trainee is evaluated on efficiency and speed.