Applied Math and Physics 2

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Upon its opening topics with parameters and béziers, it aims for newtonian dynamics (force) leading to collision handling.  We then explore some popular vector-based Inverse Kinematics algorithms. Learning complex numbers and applying them for 2D-effects, takes us smoothly to the imaginary 3D space being controlled by hypercomplex numbers, eventually enriching your skills with quaternion techniques for 3D-effects.  A deeper understanding of 3D-rotations and its issues comes as a useful bonus.  Last but not least comes an initiation in the so-called geometric algebras (GA) for future use.

  • Course materials: GeoGebra5+
  • "Animation Maths" (ISBN 9789401474955)

[DAE] Turret Rage - Physics Game from Thomas Van Nuffel.

Van Riel Thomas Applied Physics game from DAE.

A small game made in C++ by Thomas Van Riel (1DAE) for Applied Maths and Physics : an exercise on collisiondetection (between frog and rocks/ lilies) , forces and acceleration (from the frog) , reflection (under water) , attraction (between tongue and flies),... Try to catch as many flies as possible…

Bart Verdonk Applied Physics game from DAE.

A small game made in C++ by Bart Verdonck (1DAE) for Applied Maths and Physics : forces, acceleration, velocity, speed and collision detection. Collect all pickups with the car and try to reach the treasure without being hit…

Dries Deryckere Applied Physics game from DAE.

 Another C++ game made by Dries Deryckere.