Gameplay scripting



In the Gameplay Scripting course, you will gain practical experience and insight into the iterative process of prototyping, with the goal of creating a game prototype.


Feedback and Evaluation:

You will learn how to deal with feedback, both by giving constructive criticism on the work of your peers and by receiving and integrating feedback on your own work. This part of the course will teach you how to effectively use feedback to improve your game and enhance your skills as a game developer.


Implementation of Game Concepts:


Here, you will have the opportunity to implement your own game concepts. You will learn how to design and implement game mechanics, how to script and program player behavior, and how to improve the game based on feedback.


Final Project:


At the end of the course, your prototype should be playable and presentable. This project will demonstrate everything you have learned during the course. This course is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of game development processes and to equip them with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of the modern game industry. It will also help students improve their collaboration and communication skills, which are essential in the professional field.

I lost the exit


This game is a singleplayer about finding the exit! Ever found yourself searching for an exit? Unable to find it, going room to room. Every time you enter a new room, you think to yourself: where to go now. Luckily this is exactly what I was able to recreate with this game.


The words I got for this game were a way out and recursion, which fit into the game perfectly! The player must navigate through each level without touching any of the enemies. As the levels go on, there will be more enemies, gradually making it more difficult.


The goal is to complete as many rooms as you can and the game ends once an enemy hits the player.


student: Lukas Vandenbrande

Cult Apocalypse

 I made a rogue-like shooter game about sacrifice and power. The player plays as a cult leader trying to summon Cthulhu by getting followers and sacrificing them in the summoning circle. As you feed your followers to Cthulhu, it will grant the player upgrades that will help them to fight enemies. As the game goes on different enemies will spawn, the longer you play the quantity and difficulty of the enemies will increase. To beat the game, you’ll have to feed Cthulhu a certain amount so that he can be summoned. 

My target experience is a dark and gothic world aesthetic with challenging and replayable gameplay.


student: Andre Ken De Decker


I created an arena survival game with the goal of surviving as long as possible. Instead of having to press a button to hit, you have to do it manually with the mouse or with the right joystick of the controller. There are three different enemies, a circle saw that follows you, a saw that you can only hit on 2 sides and a fist that tries to hit you.


student: Bram Sprengers

The Dark of Space


I made a single player arcade shooter game. The goal is to survive as long as possible and to amass the most amount of points. The player is a spaceship in a closed circle of space, this space shrinks and gives the player less room to move in. Enemy ai spaceships enter this enclosed space and try to kill the player. When destroying the enemies they have a chance of 1 of 2 pickups. 1 pickup gives the player a health point back and the other enlarges the playspace.


student: Esteban Verschueren