Tool Development

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The Tool Development course focuses on topics that are not directly related to gameplay or rendering, but instead focuses on using programming to automate game development related activities (such as converting files from one format to another) or using a graphical user interface to help with the development of a game.


Tool Development is split into two big topics: 




Tool Development with C++

Here we focus first on delving deeper into the project structure of a complex C++ project and explore the ways to make a consistent build system with the help of CMake. Next we turn our attention to command line tools, and end with an exploration of graphical user interfaces (e.g. Qt, Juce, ...) to create a user interface which can be used by other developers to speed up the development process. The creation of an installer for games and tools is another topic which fits in the concept of professional C++ development.

Tool Development with C#

As C# is not extensively covered in the Game Development study program, a few introductory sessions are given about C#. Next the creation of user interfaces with WPF (Windows Presentation Forms) is discussed, and how to access webservices from such a user interface.