Programming 3

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After completing programming 1 and 2, you master the basics of object oriented C++ programming.


Now it’s time for advanced C++ by unleashing the power of STL.


The standard template library is a very optimized library that adds functionality to the C++ language. We will start by introducing containers. There is no longer need for using just arrays. Vector is much more versatile and safer to use. Next to that, we will introduce list, set, map, and unordered_map. We will also get you acquainted with iterators, followed by algorithms. For loops are replaced by for_each using functors and lambdas. We will finish by reading from and writing to xml files.


Writing programs and games is all about managing data. This data is usually contained in an XML file or a database. You will learn to compose SQL statements for querying and adapting existing databases.


Besides learning how to write queries, we will also teach you how to implement database communication via C++.