Immersive environments in Environments 2

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In our Environments 2 course students undergo a thorough exploration of the art and science behind creating immersive digital environments. Over the semester, they delved into the production process, gaining hands-on experience from initial blockout to final implementation. The course is organized around three major assignments: Archviz, Ruins, and a final exam.


We are also thrilled to announce Lara D’Adda, one of our students, featured in an article on 80Level. Showcasing a detailed walkthrough of Lara's Stylized Mountain Village project. Moreover, Lara is also featured in a second 80Level article, focusing on modeling assets for a dystopian 3D environment powered by Unreal Engine 5.


80Level stands as a widely respected online platform and community dedicated to computer graphics and game development. It serves as a hub for professionals, enthusiasts, and students engaged in diverse aspects of the 3D industry, game design, visual effects, animation, and virtual reality.


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The Archviz or architectural visualization assignment challenges students to emphasize the importance of creating visually stunning and realistic environments.

Naomi Adriaens | Witse Belmans | Hugo Colauto | Ebbo Gyssels | Sarah Hillebrand | Niyash Khadka | Sina Ladage | Jelle Moes | Garret Mooney | Cesanne Nooy van der Kolff | Shashwat Patkar | Johan Pindeville | Eric Schmitz | Stefan Sorescu | Simone Tiraferri | Meejse Van Hout | Tom Verbeeck | Egon Wellecommen | Laura Zvilna 


The Ruins assignment shifts the focus to environments with a historical or fantastical context.

Naomi Adriaens| Katherina Alexander | Lara D’Adda | Irina Giurgea | Akio Inagaki | Sina Ladage | Silvia Raponi | Xavier Seyssens | Gabriele Stefanelli | Meejse Van Hout | Luke van Klooster | Tom Verbeeck | Evy Westelinck


The final exam is the pinnacle of the Environments 2 course, testing students' proficiency in the entire production process. Challenging them to apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the semester to create a cohesive and visually striking environment.


Lara D’Adda | Adriaens Naomi | Katharina Alexander | Mikkel Blaase | Hugo Colauto | Dayell De Graaf | Niyash Khadka | Sina Ladage | Tomas Matkuliak | Patkar Shashwat | Tuomas Paul | Silvia Raponi | Akio Inagaki | Alina Roessner | Vivien Siemers | Gabriele Stefanelli | Meesje Van Hout | Anouk Van Uffelen | Sarah Platteau | Tom Verbeeck | Evy Westelinck