ShortcutMapper app by Waldo Bronchart

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Alumni Waldo Bronchart made a very useful utility to learn and search shortcuts for popular applications.

Learn more about it here:


It is not always easy to remember all the shortcut of a application. To really speed up your work it is important that you master those shortcuts. ShortcutMapper can help you with this. It is a visual and interactive aid. When pressing different keys, like "shift" or "ctrl", the ShortcutMapper will show what shortcuts are available and what they do.


At first, Photoshop, Lightroom and Blender were available. He already added the 3ds max shortcuts to his shortcutmapper.


Waldo is hoping that the internet community will help him out. You can add more shortcuts for your favorite apps, maybe some of you can do this for Maya/Zbrush,...


The app has been featured on PetaPixel and Gizmodo