History & Creativity

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The module consists of theory lessons creativity and theory of the history of games and animation and film.

Next to that, you will get hands-on sessions during the creativity week, with several workshops where you can try out new media, with inspiring guest speakers and challenging projects. During that whole week, we will put your creative potential to the test!

So can you learn to be creative? A big question many have tried to solve with complex theories, tests or systems. But do we need to make it so difficult? Isn't creativity simply a matter of innate problem-solving skills? Making (unusual) connections? Why is it that creative people have a great sense of humour and people with a sense of humour are often very creative? Is it not it just a matter of experimenting by trying something out in a different way? Thinking outside of the box - or using new techniques? Where do all these creatives get their inspiration from? How do you brainstorm efficiently? What is a mindmap or a moodboard? Why do we need a concept before we start with any project?

To make great games or VFX productions, you first need to learn about their history. Knowing what has been done before in games and related products can inspire and challenge you. That is why creativity goes together with a broad knowledge in game, animation or film history.

In these theory lessons we will show you a wide array of inspiring projects and realisations thoughout history.

This way we develop a new taste for great movies, new animations and styles, in order to look past the AAA titles of video games and understand more about how they are made and what different styles exists.






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Creaweek 2013 from DAE.