Compositing 3

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Compositing 3 is all about deepening your skills with node-based compositing and broadening your knowledge of the full VFX pipeline. Therefore, this course also focuses on editing, storytelling, color grading & footage processing. You will also start using production software to organize and plan your work, while keeping track of notes to implement feedback from your teachers & peers. For this course you will work on 2 project-based assignments:


Topics include:

- Node-based compositing in Fusion

- Keying & tracking techniques

- CGI rendering in Autodesk Maya

- AOV compositing with Arnold

- Color management & footage processing for VFX

- Editing & color grading with DaVinci Resolve

- VFX planning & project organisation with ftrack


Software used: Adobe Creative Cloud, DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Maya, Pixel Farm PFTrack, ftrack